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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

In light of the recent spike in COVID cases and hospitalizations, we are urging everyone to do their part in keeping our church community safe.  Particularly now that our school will be re-opening, we must keep our school children safe since we share the same facilities. We must remember that our children are not vaccinated and their safety is of upmost importance. We are urging everyone to:

1. Get vaccinated if you haven't already. Recent data shows that vaccinated individuals are less likely to contract the virus or end up in a hospital.

2. Continue to wear masks--especially when at large gatherings or at any of our events or services. We are not requiring masks to attend our services but we are strongly recommending it!

3. Continue to practice social distancing and sanitizing protocols.

We must all do our due diligence to ensure that our church community remains safe and healthy. This is an essential step in order to ensure that our church doors remain open. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more Information on the vaccine. We are here to help!

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